Piston Rings and Rider Rings

Armco Compressor can supply a complete array of piston rings, power piston rings, and rider rings to support the majority of reciprocating compressors. Rings and Riders can be produced as segmental, combo, angle or step cut to meet the various demanding Applications and can be produced in a variety of materials such as, but not limited to:

  • Carbon Filled Teflon®
  • Glass Filled Teflon®
  • Glass Moly Graphite Filled Teflon®
  • Bronze Filled Teflon®
  • Bronze Moly Filled Teflon®
  • Polymide®
  • Laminated Phenolics®
  • Ryton®
  • Peek®
  • Cast Iron®
  • Bronze®
  • Babbit®